Monday, April 28, 2014

Temple Trip

Dear Family,

WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,  Lets just say the new things there exploded my brain.  Walking out of there we all said, "I finally get why we go to the temple!".

We had a great testimony meeting as a zone afterward and we did a musical number. "If You Could Hie to Kolob."  there is a professional pianist in the zone and he did a sweet arrangement that left the mission president's wife in tears.

We had a great week! Romina is finally getting her head straight about what she really wants in life and this morning declared that she is going to prepare herself for baptism.  It has been a long process for her to get to this point! When she said that it felt awesome.  What we taught about was based upon DyC20: 37 which is the requirements for baptism.  I asked her about what she should feel like before she can be baptized.  She said, "I should have repented of my sins and be changed!".  and then we asked "How are you going to do that?"  ,"Through praying, reading, and going to church",  BBAAAAMMMM.  That is someone who understands the gospel.  I feel like too often we wonder if we truly have repented of our sins, questioning whether the atonement is really playing a role in our lives when often we just need to look at how we spend our time, thoughts, and efforts.  If you are truly praying with real intent, treasuring up the scriptures, and attending church wanting to become more like will without a doubt be changed/repentant cleansed from sin.

A lot of crazy stuff happened as well this week... We dug a trench again, and fixed a dirt driveway... while digging I found a white oval rock that looked cool.  So I picked it up and it was smooth and then as I squeezed it a little it exploded on my face.  It happened to be a snake egg.  All of the Paraguayan kids thought it was funny.

Elder Richardson is doing great, he has dropped about 30 lbs.  Happens when all you eat is lunch and walk around all day.

We have been finding some great families in our area and getting a lot more help from members!  We had about 2 families who were inactive show up for church! 

I finsihed The Book of Mormon again in Spanish this last week, and I am starting on Jesus the Christ in Spanish.  

Love, Elder NEifert

RACHEL!, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! whenever I think about your birthday i think about you and you are cool, and funny, and a great sister! 

I need to send you a picture, but you will have to wait until next monday when i have my camera cord!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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