Monday, October 28, 2013

Love Conception... and I got a Monkey Bite

Well, Elder Hatfield and I had a pretty good week!  We had 2 investigators who came to church!  Francisca and Victor!  He is an old fisherman and only speaks guarani, so we are having to teach them with a lot of members.
I have been in Concepcion for a good long while now, and I don't think I will be leaving any time soon :).  We still find new people everyday, but we also run into a lot of people I know.  It seems that when we walk down every street people say hello or yell my name because I have been here so long.  It feels good a little.  

Yesterday while we were contacting, I got challenged to a ping pong game.  The guy I played was pretty hammered (drunk) so it was pretty easy.  We will go back there to teach him on Wednesday.  
We got a really inactive member to come to church this week!  His name is Ricardo and is really smelly because he does a lot of drugs, BUT HE CAME!  I have been teaching him for about 6 months! Here is a picture of him:
   Hopefully this sparks a quick journey back to activity and repentance!  

Also I got bit by a monkey on my ear.  I was doing a division with Elder Springer in Rama 3 (Branch 3) and we found a house with a monkey.  The lady said that I could touch her monkey and that he wouldn't do anything crazy.  So I stuck my arm out and he latched right on and climbed up on my head, and then nibbled my ear!  It didn't hurt too bad but it freaked me out. It is against the mission rules to carry around a camera except on P-days, so I don't have pics. Sorry! 

I hope all is well at home! 

Elder Neifert