Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I am a Bus

Dear Family,

Hello, I have been on buses all week!  I did a division for 3 days with the Elders in Santani and spent 14 hours on a bus on my way to Asuncion and back again.  I feel like a bus.  In Santani we had some awesome lessons.  I was with Elder McSwain from Farmington, Utah and Elder Lubomirski from Argentina. I think Elder McSwain is one of my best friends in the mission.  One of our lessons we met a lady who cuts hair for a living and we taught her about repentance and the pathway to being clean from all our sins.  It was an okay lesson because she seemed pretty uncomfortable about something and didn't speak too much.  At the end, after bearing our testimonies, we asked her to offer a prayer before we left.  She started out thanking the Lord for all that she had and then she stopped and started to think (search) for what to say next, and she began to cry.  She then asked her Father in Heaven to help her to become clean and free from all of the guilt and pain in her life, saying " por favor padre, ayúdame a ser limpio como éstas misioneros, para que un día puedo vivir contigo en los cielos" (Please Father, help me to be clean as these missionaries, so that one day I can live with you in heaven). That, I think, has been the most powerful prayer I have heard in a long time.  By the desperation and longing in her voice it was easy to tell that she is someone who had been through a lot of tough stuff.  And she ended it by bearing her testimony that she knew she would be clean one day thanks to Jesus Christ.  It was a lesson that made up for all of the sacrifices and let downs.  

Life as a Zone Leader is okay.  I am a bus.  I get to talk to the President a lot more, and that is the coolest thing! 

Ahh yes, the mounds of the Cahokia people,  I hope they have as much fun as I did there.  (There is an Indian burial site near Elder Neifert's home - his mom is taking her class there this week).

I GOT THE PACKAGE!  Thank you for the jerky and seaweed.  It was just what I had been craving. 

I have already replaced the old pictures with the ones you sent.  I tell everyone about how dad killed that deer, and they all say, "Dang he must be some type of RAMBO."   Rambo is really big down here.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, REBEKAH!  I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU!  ITS Love! And a bracelet thing.  But until next year.... hmmhmhhmhm. 

I love you guys and I hope all is well! 

Elder Neifert

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