Monday, October 21, 2013

Juan's Baptism and a Watermelon Helmet

Dear Family,

This week was a pleasant one.  Elder Hatfield and I had some of the best lessons we've had together this week.  We found a lot of new people to teach and our branch is growing!  Looks like we've been dunging it pretty well (preparing the vineyard - a scriptural reference to Jacob 5). hmhmmhm.  

I did a lot of divisions this week with a few elders which was fun.  And Elder Hatfield and I bought a watermelon.  And we made a sweet helmet.  I think that was the best 2 bucks I have ever spent.  

There was a ton of great experiences this week, and I felt the spirit really helping us push forward.  There was a baptism, of one of the sisters investigators on Saturday.  His name is Juan Luis Meza, and he is deaf.  It took a pretty long time to teach him and help him understand it was an awesome long awaited baptism. His family are less active, all except his older sister Nila.  As his sister Nila was giving a talk about the holy ghost he sat and watched, not being able to hear, but just watching and feeling.  Nila began to cry because she had all her family in church and her brother was finally being baptized.  Juan watched her for a few seconds and a look of concern  came over his face.  He stood up right in front of everyone (40 people or so) and gave his sister a humongous hug.  There was not any room for shame or self consciousness in the way he acted... it was just pure charity.  I don't know if I have ever felt so good in my life.  

Also Ricardo (the golden one) gave a talk in church about unity.  His wife, Graciela, got a calling as a primary teacher!  

Elder Hatfield is kicking some behind with his inspired questions, it is amazing to watch him listen and pay attention to the spirit, and then trust that the words will come.  He is a great teacher, because he relies on God instead of his own knowledge.  In about 4 of our lessons he asked some amazing questions that brought the spirit better that any amount of preaching or explaining could.

I got calls from the President about 5 times about random things this week!  It is keeping me on my toes.  I swear every time I answer the phone knowing it is him, my voice cracks when I say "Heeiilllo." 
(Elder Neifert's cousin is heading out on his mission this week)

Words for Ryan:

Nothing has made me grow or learn more than my mission so far.  I think i have felt scared and uncomfortable and awkward everyday, but it is the biggest blessing in the world.  

Make every little thing you do, the most important thing in your life in that moment.  Whether its studying, or teaching, or planning, put all of your attention and focus into that one thing. Its a lot tougher than it sounds, but I have gotten a lot of good results that way. 

Every day you should wake up having faith that this day will be the best day of your life.   I think that faith comes from being obedient. 

and more than anything love the people.

Can you guys send me his email?


Elder Neifert

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