Monday, March 10, 2014


Dear Family,

This week flew by pretty fast!   We had stake conference as well and we had 4 investigators who showed up and a menos activo (less active) family!  We are planning on a few baptisms in the coming 3 weeks I think! 

We had a few great experiences with Ruben (an alcoholic). We showed up and he was drunk and he invited us in anyway. We said we would just pass by with a prayer and he decided he wanted to do it.   

He blessed all of the organizations of the church one by one including , "bless the relief society, the elders quorum, the high priests, the youth, the bishopric",......and then he paused and then raising his voice said, "but most of all, Bless that Primary!!!" and he ended it!   It was cool.  I have never heard anyone bless all of the organization of the church.

That same day we met Ruben´s nephew who actually wants to quit the party life and start keeping the covenants he made at baptism.  He asked us if we could stop by 2 times a week to help him overcome his addictions!  

A cool lesson we had this week was with the Paredez family!  They are the Seventh Day Adventists who cannot get past the sabbath day commandment and misinterpret the scriptures.  But anyway we taught them the Plan of Salvation and about how there are missionaries teaching the gospel in the spirit world just like us. They asked us a lot of questions like, "Well what if they don't accept it there?", and "What will happen to us if we don't accept the gospel?" (those are the best moments in lessons because you know they have desires to learn and you know they are listening)  and so we bore our testimonies of the blessings of accepting the gospel and following Jesus Christ by being baptized and repenting of our sins.  The spirit was super strong and they finaly at the end were still doubting the fact about the sabbath day and I just told her, "You need to go to church on Sunday and feel the spirit that is there, and then we will discuss more about the sabbath day."  We left that lesson feeling good, and there is nothing I would rather be doing than missionary work right now.

Elder Richardson is doing great and we are working hard together.  

These pics are a few families in the area, (back when I was with Elder Haworth).

Love, Elder Neifert

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