Monday, December 10, 2012


Dear Family,
We had a really good week and got a ton of lessons in. We've been working really hard with Raquel and her family! We taught her the law of tithing and fast and explained how God has given us His promise that He will open up the windows of heaven upon those who keep this commandment. 
This is one of the toughest commandment for people to keep here. Out of our ward, I think there are like 3 people who pay a full tithe. She asked a lot of questions and we answered them with scriptures and shared a few experiences and then we asked her if she would keep the commandment of paying tithing. She said she didn't know if she was going to be able to pay her rent this month if she does, but she said, "I guess I will leave it up to God" and she is going to start paying tithing. Experiences like that where you are sitting in front of a house built out of mud and sand, in a chair made out of jump ropes and seeing a leap of faith like Raquel's makes you know that there is something behind what is being taught. I am so happy to be on a mission serving the Lord and feeling and seeing the miracles as the hand of God is stretched out to these people. There is nothing as awesome as seeing somebody you have met with all of the sudden feel something they've never felt before and you get to watch them change almost their entire life to grasp the thing they've been looking for.
We moved today to get back into our area and we found a sick house that has "Alianza con el Espiritu de Dios" (Alliance with the Spirit of God) written over the front door. I think it used to be an Evangelical church. We were going to get it like a month ago, but it needed a lot of work so the guy fixed it up and we moved in today. We showed up at the house with all of our junk in this guy's truck (who was the first high priest in Paraguay). All of these kids showed up and started helping us move stuff into the house. They were super funny and would take our stuff in the house and hide it. We bought some super good chupa chupas (lolliops) for them and we moved in the rest of the stuff.
Elder Bredsgaurd just got a call and we got special changed and so he is moving up to District Leader in Paso de Oro and I'm staying here in Yuqury in the same place. I don't know who my companion is yet, but it will happen Wednesday. DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't received a package yet. I am going to send a letter for you guys tomorrow I hope and I don't know when it will get there, but it has my Christmas present for you guys. I will Skype you guys and I think you need to make a new account for me and send me the info next Monday so I can use it. I don't know when we will Skype yet, but I will let you know when I know.
I love you guys!!!!!
Elder Neifert

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