Monday, December 17, 2012

2nd Companion

Dear Family,

My new companion is Elder Mejia from Peru!  He is an awesome missionary and has perfect Spanish and so I think I will be learning a lot faster.  He speaks ok English, too, and is a really good teacher. This week was a little slower than the others.... we had special changes and so Elder Bredsguard and I had all Monday and most of Tuesday where he ran around taking pictures with everyone of our members and investigators.  Then in the morning I picked up Elder Mejia in San Lorenzo and we went back too Yukury.  Our area is pretty big and it has been tough for me to remember all of the shortcuts to members and investigators houses.  We got lost like 3 or 4 times and once in the middle of the jungle in the dark... we trudged through a ton of spider webs and tall grass and then popped out at a house in the middle of nada and scared this lady washing clothes on her patio.  We had a Christmas thing on Thursday and we went to a hospital to sing carols to patients there.  We found one girl there who wanted us to teach her one day and we got her number so we'll be able to find and teach her.  Like three minutes afterwards we started getting a ton of text messages from her quoting scriptures and whatnot so I think she will be a good investigator.  We also did that invisible friend gift game and I got this blow up guy for punching. It looks like nacho libre.  We practice teaching him the gospel just about every companion study.  We went to visit Raquel and her family and talked about setting goals and how important it is to work together as a family towards them.  She wants to wait with her kids to be baptized for a couple of weeks so that her husband and she can work together to get married for the right reasons.  I didnt really understand, but hopefully their family will be baptized in the coming week and they can get married too.  It has been a good week though, and I think that I am going to be able to learn a lot from Elder Mejia.  I am trying to send the letters to you guys, but I think it will take a really long time due to the sucky mission mail chain of command.  None of our investigators showed up to church (like 13 people) and so we are a little sad about this last week but I'm sure it will be better this coming week.  I think that the President is going to send out a letter about when I am going to skype with you guys and so I will let you know hopefully a few days before Christmas.  I love you guys!!!!


Elder Neifert

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