Monday, April 22, 2013

Antonio's Baptism!

Dear family,

This week was a good one.  My comp got sick for a couple of days so I had a lot of time to clean and read and watch church movies!   One kind of different thing that happened this week:  I contacted a pastor of an Evangelical church.  I just saw him on the street and so I contacted him... I told him I wasn't going to try and fight with him and that it was our mission to share with everyone no matter who, and he wanted to listen and so I started in... and right when I got to the part about how after the death of Christ and the apostles, the church's direction was lost, he stopped me.  He started rattling off scriptures that he had memorized and then ended up yelling in my face to never teach that kind of doctrine again and that I should repent and he was going to pray for me.  I showed him a few scriptures like Ephesians chapters 2 and 4 and also talked about how the authority of God is passed down and the structure of the church Christ formed, but he didn't want to listen after that. So we got out of there. 
When things of the world get in the way between man and God (or the Holy Ghost) - nothing happens, we're lost, we don't learn or progress.  And that is why I never plan to bible bash again. Because all of the sudden it becomes less about learning truths and more about who knows more, the testifier of truth (the spirit/Holy Ghost) is taken out of the picture.  

I also caught a funky looking caterpillar that walked across our floor while Elder Lewis was sick.

I am almost positive I'm getting pink washed: meaning that sister missionaries our going to take over my area. I'm not happy about leaving because I just learned the area really well and found all of the menos activos (less actives), but if its what the Lord wants - then it's okay.  

Also Antonio Got Baptized!!!!! Raquel's husband from my old area!!!!!!!! So I think they are going to start making goals to go to the temple in a year!!!!  I will forward you the pick Elder Brown sent! 
 From Elder Brown:  "thought you might want to see this, he made it man!! ill tell you the whole story when i see you next!!
elder brown"
We also found a really good investigator who I'm sure will progress! We contacted him and he is one of the most humbled people I have met so far, but I think I'm leaving, so I will leave him for the sisters to teach and visit! 

I read a really neat story in 2nd Chronicles chapters 34 and 35 about a king named Josiah who I think is now one of the best examples to me of faithfulness in the Old Testament.

I love you guys!  Thank you soo much for all of your support and letters and packages! 

Elder Neifert

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