Monday, April 1, 2013

Hitchhiking with Nuns...

This week was the Semana Santa which is like Christmas here for Catholics. It is also when everybody makes chipa (a bagel looking bread).  It is okay sometimes and others it is like eating a rock  and we tried everybody's chipa. Every house we contacted:  "Hey Have some Chipa!" 
 "Okay, Que rico!"     We would have to cookie monster it half the time because it breaks apart really easy. 
 It was pretty tough getting into houses this week and a few of our investigators didn't want to talk to us anymore. It is almost funny when we walk around because the people who don't want to talk to us see us coming, then they make like babies and head out as fast as possible.  I have seen ladies over 250 pounds run away from us. Well if anything we are getting people exercise.  We have a couple promising investigators who we've been teaching for about 3 weeks, but they haven't come to church due to their parents and other family members.
I also got to hitchhike with a couple of nuns this week.  I did a division with Elder Baum in Caucupe and going back to Arroyos we were sticking out our thumbs for about 30 min when some nuns pulled over! It was awesome! We talked about Paraguay for a while and I started to ask more religious questions and I could tell they didn't want that... so we talked about other things.  They were extremely nice and run a school in Arroyos. That is one thing to cross off of my bucket list!  Elder Baum asked them about their children. (Oh, Elder Baum!)...It got weird after that.

Elder Lewis was sick this week so I had time to study and clean. He is definitely ready to go home. He already has his bags half packed.
On Sunday I gave a talk about repentance (I talked about Alma's conversion and also 3 Nephi 18:25 and D&C 58:42 ) that I didn't know about until 5 minutes before sacrament meeting!  I also directed the music, passed the sacrament, and taught the Young Men and Young Women class. It was a full day at church for me. WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE! We've invited so many people!   We'll see who shows.

I love you guys!
Elder Neifert

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