Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Birds, and some thoughts on Eternal Families

Dear Family,

I am super excited to hear about Eliza!! That is about all of the news that is cool.  We have been searching for a house this week a lot, there are sisters coming in a few weeks and President has been pretty worried about it and so we put the gear into "super turbo AstroTurf" and looked for houses a bunch.  And we have a few options and I think we will be signing a contract this coming Wednesday.  Something kind of funny: we were teaching a family that is pretty poor and all of the sudden their kids come around the corner of their house with a toy toucan in their hands that is beautiful, and I thought, "Dang, they must have more money than I thought - buying a super nice stuffed animal." Then I looked a little closer and it was a dead toucan.  Hahahahah.  That's a little better than a stuffed toy!  It was still really nice looking... I didn't have the camera with me but it was the classic black with and orange and yellow beak. 

This parrots name is "Pancho".  He likes to bite, but I picked him up for you guys.  I tried picking him up with a towel but he wouldn't get up on until he pulled the rag away and found my flesh.  He bit me like 4 times and broke Elder Smith's skin on his fore arm.  Just about every other house has parrots here, but they are all malo (mean).  This guy was nicer than normal... said the lady who owned him. I don't think she was right.
If you can't tell from my smile, I am hurting.

Tomorrow we will go into Asuncion again to have the last Zone Conference with President Madariaga!  I'm sure it's going to be amazing!  I will write about it next week!

About Eliza (the new baby):

WOOOOOOOHOOOOO, She made it!!!!!!!!!! That  is Awesome !!!!! I'm so excited for you guys!!!!!

Congratulations, JESSI, CODY, EMMA, AND ELIZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had an epiphany this week that I want to share!  As we were contacting my companion started using a new approach for when we meet a mom or dad with kids. We would say, "We believe that if we do as the Lord asks in this life - that you will be able to be the mom of your children not only in this life, but in the eternities forever."  It worked!  There is a special kind of love that is between a parent and a child. To be able to share that love forever is something incredible and beautiful.  I cannot imagine how happy you guys must be to have a new member of the family for forever. She is going to be my niece forever, and I cannot wait to meet her!!!!!

I love you guys! Give Eliza a hug for me!


Elder Neifert

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