Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Skype

Dear Familia,
 I just figured out how bad my english is.  It was really tough to think of words with you guys.  I think half of it was shock of seeing your faces and moms beautiful mother self.  But it was awesome to be able to talk the short time we had.  I honestly felt afterwards like my brain was melted.  There's so many things I want to show you guys and talk about, but you are not here and so it would be really tough to explain things.  Anyway, this week was pretty good, I think that these last few weeks have been the hardest I've worked in a long while.  We just have a lot of things to do and Elder Smith is more than willing to work - so its been great.  We haven't been able to talk with Beatrice because she just hasnt been home, but we'll try and get a hold of her this coming week.  We still haven't had anyone at church yet who is an investigator - which is weird as heck because we've been working a really hard. The results will come - I'm sure.  For some reason our old investigators are just not keeping commitments even when we have awesome lessons and do everything we can.  I think we will be dropping some people. 

It was awesome to talk with you guys!!!! I expect an email from Aaron.  Sorry, I wasnt able to figure out the gmail chat, I also figured out how slow my techno skills have gotten. I had to humble myself before Jessi and ask her how to do a video chat, she told me to click on the button shaped like a video camera.  DANG IT!!!!  I guess that stuff isn't really important right now for me anyway. 
I love you guys!!!! I will pray for you Jessi! (Jessi had her baby the evening this was sent, hence the e-mail got posted later than usual... SORRY!!)

Elder Neifert

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