Tuesday, June 11, 2013

...There's nothing more than what we are giving right now.

Dear Family,

This week was a little crazy and I ate some funky pizza.  But I recuperated by Wednesday, and we had to wake up at 4:30 AM to pick up the new sister missionaries at the terminal.  One is a Columbiana (from Columbia) and the other who is nuevita is a Guatamonteca (from Guatemala).  We took all of their bags on a horse drawn cart taxi and they seemed pretty zonked due to the overnight traveling.  I don't think they expected to have to ride in a horse cart.

The big thing that happened this week: we went as a zone to a little pueblo called Belen.  President wants us to see if there are enough fruits there to place missionaries and start a little branch... or find out if we should let it sit for a while longer.  So the whole day we just contacted everyone and anyone and handed out invitations as well to invite them to the church meeting that Sunday.  It was a really clean town and reminded me of the hidden valley ranch 'ranch' on the picture.  We found some pretty cool people and handed out a lot of fliers. On Sunday there was about 45 people at church! ...with 2 men.  hahahah.  President will decide whether it needs missionaries now or if we should wait.  It reminded me a lot of the Jacob 5 vineyard parable.  It was a cool experience and I'm really hoping they will open it.  

Elder Smith and I are not having the success we have been hoping for so far, but we will see what next week brings.  We are really working hard on critiquing our teaching and contacts and making sure that we do all that we can so there will be no guilt or wishing we would have done more.  We want to proudly say we've done our best and there's nothing more than what we are giving right now.  

I love you family!!   I hope you guys have a good week!
Elder Neifert

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