Monday, August 12, 2013


Dear Family,

That is an awesome experience!  I have super man as my dad!  I hope your muscles are hereditary! (Elder Neifert's dad helped move a piano and had an awesome experience)  

We had another baptism on Saturday - a woman named Agueda.  Elder Smith and I taught her for about 3 weeks and then gave her to the hermanas to finish teaching her.  It was cool. I had to sing a duet with the sister missionaries, which didn't turn out the way we wanted hahaha.  But the spirit was there, so its all okay.  

Elder Smith and I have found a lot of golden people all of the sudden.  We got contacted by a guy on the street who saw that we spoke English and said "What's Up?"...  and so we started talking.  He showed up at church and we are starting to teach his family!  He is extremely smart and is a lawyer.  The gospel just clicked with him and he mentioned that he loved how simple the church organization is and how much it made sense to have a restoration of the true church! I LOVE THAT GUY!  He has just blown through everything we've given him to read.  His wife told us she is noticing differences happening to her husband.  

Lessons like that one make everything worth it.  The spirit was super strong and I am really hoping that the wife or the kids don't get in the way of the dad's progress.  We will see tomorrow whats going on.   

We are also teaching Jose and Antonio who will be baptized this coming Saturday!  They both have 14 years and are twins.   They have the best prayers of all time.  Elder Smith and I have been extremely blessed to have people who are progressing!  

Something interesting I learned this week is about prayer.  Prayer, I have found out, is like a measuring device of how much faith and dedication you have to the Lord and His gospel.  In my prayers I am able to see where I am lacking and where I am doing well.  One of the most powerful scriptures I have found is in D&C 42:14.  All things are done by the spirit and if we have not the spirit, what the heck do we have?  Somebody who is not focused on whats important, who is easily taken into temptation.   And how do we obtain the spirit? By the prayer of faith.  Which faith is shown only by obedience.  Its like a big circle.  Faith, obedience, spirit.  

In all of my mission I have asked for lots and lots of blessings, and I cannot think of one that the Lord hasn't delivered. 

I will be sending some baptism pictures next Monday I hope!

Elder Neifert

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