Monday, August 19, 2013

Sleeping in Pews

This week we had a Zone Conference with President in Santani, which is 4 1/2 hours away. The only collectivo left at 11:00 pm so we traveled through the night, and spent the night in the chapel there.  I made a bed out of the pews and I froze.  The Mission President spoke to us about menos activos (less actives) and we analyzed Alma 5.  It was super inspirational, especially because Elder Smith and I were running low on teaching ideas.

We weren't able to baptize Jose and Antonio this week due to a change in ward boundaries, so it looks like they will be baptized in rama 3 (3rd branch) instead of our rama (branch).  I think we will still go, just because we taught them all the lessons /the spirit taught them and we were there.

Also this week - our lock broke in the door.  The key wouldn't turn the lock.  So I tried turning harder and harder, and .... I broke the key in the lock.  So we had to have a carpenter come and put in a new lock. 

We have as of today one sheep.  Ricardo and his family.  So maybe 4 sheep.  Ricardo is the lawyer and he came to church yesterday!  He participated the most out of everyone including the members and seemed to just light up as he learned and got questions answered.  The only problem is his wife and two daughters. They are the shyest clams I have met here.  We have tried getting members there with us 3 times now and they keep on falling through because the members call us at the last second to cancel.  But we will try again with other members and other luring techniques.

That's about all this week,  also we are singing in a Paraguayan choir next week.  I don't know if all the practice in the world would make it a good sounding choir, but it will be fun.  I hope to take a video maybe to show you guys.

I hope all is well on the home-front.

Elder Neifert

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