Thursday, January 16, 2014

ZC and AC

Dear Family,
This week was a good one. We had a zone conference that I didn't know about until the night before, and I had to speak about obedience for about 30 min. I winged it - but it was ok. President McMullen talked about how to open our mouths and talk to people more often. It is a fear that almost every missionary has at the beginning and it haunts them to the very end. Did I talk to everyone I could? Did I find everyone the Lord wanted me to? It is a good question. But if we are truly serving the Lord with all we have...that means we give up everything; including fears, disobedience, homey things, ..... You consecrate yourself. It is something I think everybody needed in the zone.
Elder Haworth is doing good. He has a lot of cool stories about growing up on a ranching farm and firefighting. We are getting along just fine.
WE GOT AIR CONDITIONING ! FINALLY! I had forgotten what it was like to wake up without being all sweaty and gross. Even with 2 fans, it was difficult to sleep comfortably. But now it's all better.

We got a great less active family to come to church finally! Well just the 3 kids. But after 2 months of lessons and prayers - I will take it! We did a fast this last week to find new people who had been prepared as well and we ran into 2 part member families that have been inactive for 4 years. They have 2 daughters that need to be baptized! Hopefully they will be willing to repent and come back.
I found out today that I have lost ................bu bu bu bu bu 17 pounds since I have been here. DANG IT! I guess I will just have to wait for the bean patties to help me get bigger.
I haven't gotten Grandma's package yet. But I am sure by next week it will be here.

Thanks for all of your letters and support and prayers! I am sure that they are being heard.
That's great about the missionary work you all are doing at home!

Elder Neifert

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