Monday, May 19, 2014

Mercedes + Pictures!

Dear family! 

It was great to talk to you guys! CONGRATS AARON AND CODY! You made it to the end!  Now you are going to start again doing something else! 

This week went by really fast.  We have been working a ton, with way more people to work with than time allows.  The cool thing about Luque Centro is that our ward has 12 returned missionaries in it!  So getting to have members present in all of our lessons is easy.  I started the New Testament again in Spanish and I am soaking it up.  

Elder Greer and I played volleyball today with the zone and it was great.  Lots of smack talk...using a scriptural basis.  So Aaron - Alma 41:15, the first part.

We are teaching some great smart people.  A lesson we had this week was with a lady named Mercedes.  The first lesson I asked her why she was so willing to talk to us and she said, "Well, I feel like the gospel is all about leaving behind the old me and becoming a new person.  I have done a lot of things I knew I shouldn't have and I know that to be happy I need to understand the gospel." 

Talk about a broken heart and contrite spirit!  There was an awesome spirit in that lesson.

I hope you guys are doing great! I will pray for you guys, Jessi and Cody! (Elder Neifert's brother-in-law graduated from school and was looking for a job. He has since found one!)  

aquino fam sitting in chairs,
paredez fam, + yolanda
salcedo fam

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