Monday, May 26, 2014

Building a House, Romina's Temple Trip, and Hugo's Catching On!

Hey family,

It has been cold!! I dont know if I am just a wimp after a really hot summer or it really is that cold, but I have been wearing my long johns for 4 days straight, and making ninja masks to keep my face warm during studies.

Our air conditioner doubles as a heater, so that is better than last year!

We have been working a ton - doing a lot of divisions all around the zone.  

We helped a guy build his house today.  And I helped put up a telephone pole (coconut tree trunk) so he could run the electricity to his house.  It only took about 10 min to do that. :)  We just grabbed the trunk, stuck it into the hole, put the dirt around it, and that was that.  He got on a latter and strung the wires.  It was just funny how simple it was.  some people just use barbed wire to hook their house up to the electric wires. (they glow at night).  

Romina went to the Temple Saturday!  That was good news this week! 

We are working with a few great families that are keeping commitments.  It was great to hear from the Torress family - they started reading their scriptures again after a year and a half! The mom said she is finally putting puzzle pieces together about the restoration!

There is a guy named Hugo we are teaching. He knows a ton about the scriptures.  At church he (knowing he wasnt baptized yet) said, "The sacrament is only for those who are baptized right?"  It caught me by surprise, but it was great he caught that!  His mom is about to start chemo treatment because her cancer is super bad right now.  So, once again, without us even saying anything he asked if we could bless his mom.  So we did, and it was great.

Thanks for sending all the pics and videos!  They made my day!  I hope all works out for you guys Jessi and Cody!  


Elder Neifert

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