Monday, June 9, 2014

A Baptism and a Treasure Hunt

Dear Family!,

I had a great week!  We have a lemon tree in front of our house, so I made a weeks worth of lemonade.  We had a baptism! We found some great people to teach! We set a baptismal date with an investigator named Mercedes for the 21st of this month! 

I am having a great time in this area, because there is so much to do! We have an neverending list of less active families.  A while ago a bishop's store house was set up here in Luque and there was a big increase in baptisms, just about all of those people are inactive now.  So we are looking for them all.

This week we made a big map of our ward boundaries and are now pinning all members down by talking to the old people who know everyone.  It is like a treasure hunt.  

We are also teaching English on Saturdays to try and find more investigators and references.  

Elder Richardson and I found some short shorts and we didn't think he would fit in them...he did! 
I had a great experience on a division with Elder Wheeler.  We had planned to teach a Catholic family that night about priesthood keys/ the restoration, but they weren't home, so we felt impressed to just try their neighbor. We clapped and (like always) they peeked out of their peeky holes and out came a little fat Paraguayan boy.  (this is normal that the parents send there kids out to tell us no) But he just stood there.  So I asked him how he was and he didn't talk, and I asked him if his parents were home and he just stood there.  So finally after talking to him for about 3 minutes and him not saying anything, the mom came out to his rescue.  We told her we felt impressed to stop by and share a message about the family with her.  And she let us in.  We shared and she expressed to us how she was going through a rough time and that we had arrived at the moment she had been thinking about it.  The greatest part of the lesson was the end where we invited her to pray.  We got all of her children around and she offered one of the greatest prayers ever,  you could tell that she was thinking a lot about what she was saying and before the end she paused, and began to tear up, and then everyone teared up.  I don't know if I have ever felt the spirit so strong.  A mother with her children all around her, asking our Heavenly Father if he could keep them safe.  I don't know if they had ever heard there mom pray before.  It was great.

I am trying hard to not think about home and what is up ahead, and it is tough! But I will fight to the end! Fear not Mother! I will Fight! 

I don't have the package yet, but I will keep looking!

Have a safe move to Colorado, Jessi and Cody! I hope you like it there!

Elder Neifert 

Pics of the baptism of Josias Ovelar

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