Monday, June 16, 2014

Last Transfer

Dear Family,

We are going to have another Baptism this saturday!  Her name is Mercedes.  She has a young daughter and is super cool.  She reads really well and has pounded through everything we have given her.  

Also, Romina is getting baptized this Saturday, too!  


I bet you guys ate some some for me! 

What did you guys do for Father's Day?  Besides eat pie.

Sounds like girls camp was sweet,  and I am sure you played a big role in that!  The Parkers!!! You always said you are going to hang out with Carla.

Changes are this week, but I am staying here in Luque with Elder Greer until the end. Which I am not thinking about, but am aware of.  

This week we had a lot of great people come to church!  After 4 years of inactivity, the Torress Family came!  We have been teaching them for about 5 weeks and they are making great progress!  The mom is reading The Book of Mormon for the first time and has just hit the Isaiah chapters!  (I pray she can fight through and make it out alive).  She is noticing a lot of differences in the family and has been really excited to finally get an understanding of the gospel.  So far her favorite chapter is 2 Nephi 4.  

We have an investigator named Domingo. I think he will be baptized this month as well.  We taught him all of the lessons and it is now just up to him when he takes the step to be baptized.  We think he is just afraid of making a commitment that he cant keep, so we had him read about when Peter walked on water and how when he started to sink the Savior was there to lift him back up again. 

I will keep looking for the package! 

I love you guys,

Elder Neifert

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