Sunday, September 23, 2012


Dear Family,

Being at the MTC is incredible and a lot happened this week.  I got the assignment to be a District Leader and so I have had to go to a lot more meetings and conduct interviews and stuff.  It is a tough calling, but it is a good learning experience.

The language is going pretty good and Elder Pack and I just taught our first 40 min lesson! It was going great until I prayed for "Ashley" instead of "Kate". (CURSE YOU MARY KATE AND ASHLEY!!!  I think that is what threw me off.)  I was saying the prayer and I had forgotten her name and while I was saying the prayer Ashley just popped into my head.  I felt pretty dumb when my companion told me after the lesson, but it's all good.   There is so much to remember when teaching and preparing to teach lessons.

The way I prepare and  teach changes at least 3 times a week  because of all of the new insights I get from other elders and scriptures and teachers.  I think the main things that you want to plan to do every time when teaching someone is number one praying for the holy ghost before and while you teach and prepare a lesson based off of the needs of the investigator.  There is more than that, but those are the two I am working on the most.  I was thinking about an awesome comparison to this: it is kind of like how the brother of Jared (Book of Mormon, the Book of Ether Chapters 1-3) had to prepare those stones before he brought them before the Lord and the Lord touched them.  I am sure the brother of Jared just didn't pick up any rock and take it too the Lord.  I am sure he polished and prepared the rock.  It is just like how we need to prepare to teach other people.  We need to do all we can to prepare for the investigator and then our Heavenly Father will be willing to include His hand in our lesson.



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