Monday, January 21, 2013

That may have been the time I have felt the spirit the most on my mission so far.

Dear Family,

This week has been a good one. Raquel is going to be married and baptized the 19th of January with her kids! I HOPE!!! I am pretty sure.  Elder Brown and I are finding a lot of great people to teach and I am already learning a lot from him.  We had a lot of people at church again and 5 investigators!!!!! We are going to be super busy this coming week.  

Something awesome I studied this week were the books of Abraham and Moses.  I was thinking a lot about what kind of people prophets like Abraham or Moses were like before becoming taking up all of the responsibility of being a prophet.  God must have trusted these men a huge amount to give them the power to move mountains and preach his word and will to the world.  Right at the beginning of Abraham, in verses 1 and 2, it talks about what kind of person he was before becoming a prophet.

I shared this scripture for a family home evening and the dad, who is an excommunicated member working to make it back to the Temple with his wife, bore his testimony about seeking and desiring for things of God rather than things of the world.  The only things that really bring happiness and joy into someone's life are those things that are eternal. He is looking for a job with less hours and probably less pay to spend more time strengthening his family.  

That may have been the time I have felt the spirit the most on my mission so far.  

Today we got a member to take us on a tour of Aregua and the Blue Lake!  IN HIS CAR!!!! I think for every car in my area there are about 300 people, so for us to go in a car was crazy.   We went in this super old catholic church, then climbed a hill that is really famous in Aregua ...



 and then went to this really old train station

 ...and then the  Blue Lake... that is really brown.  People hyped up that lake a ton and when I got there, it was brown just like every other lake. BUT it was one of the most beautiful parts of Paraguay I've seen so far.

I love you guys and thank you so much for the great pictures of everyone!!! I'VE BEEN OUT 6 MONTHS!!!! It doesn't feel like it.

Elder Neifert

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