Monday, March 4, 2013

Edi and Ipifanio

Dear Family,

This week Elder Hatch and I were a little sick, but we still got a little work done.  We are better now.  

We ate lunch at President's house, (I assume this means Branch President, not Mission President) which is really far. We ate some noodles with meat and some burnt flan (I think that got us sick).  They also had a baby cow that was 8 days old.  
 We got the hermana to wack the mom with a stick so we could touch it - hahaha.  
I think the next time we go were going to milk their cow. 
On the way to presidents we passed by some mamón farms.
  Mamón are a really nasty fruit here that a lot of people give us.  They are called mamón from the word mamar, "to nurse" - so it is all around a weird fruit to eat. 

We found a really neat family this week as well!  Her name is Edi and his is Ipifanio.  They called us to come over when we were walking in front of their house.  They had been really humbled because he lost his job and they felt that they were missing something in their family.  So we taught them and I felt impressed to talk about cleaning the inside before we can clean up the outside of our lives.  She really latched on to that and has agreed to be baptized, so we will see what happens.  The spirit told me what to say in that lesson. We were going to start with Lesson 1 and I felt impressed to change it.  And because of that my testimony that God knows us personally has grown a ton.  He knew what Edi and Ipifanio needed better than Elder Hatch or I. He loved them enough to give them trials needed for them to see what they were missing in their lives.

I'm really excited about them.  From what I hear nobody has baptized in Arroyos y Esteros for over a year.   

The people here all work in sugar cane fields and in the factory so they are super hard working and really fun to teach.  Here are some pictures of the sugar cane fields.

Also the ones of the sunset with that big building is in Caucupe. and that is the ginormous Basilica.

I hope you are all doing well!

Love, Elder Neifert
Here are some additional photos Elder Neifert sent: 

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