Monday, March 11, 2013

End of Transfer

That is funny you guys forgot about daylight savings! I bet everybody was wondering what happened to you guys. I don't know if it is going to get colder or not.. it was like 100 yesterday. I think we'll start seeing it in April.
The change ends this Wednesday and Elder Hatch has been here since November, so I think he's a goner and I will get another new comp. We'll see what happens, but this will be my 5th companion already.
This week I did a division with Elder Hokanson, who is 2 months in and is still learning Spanish. So I led all of the lessons and he would share his testimony when I gave him the sign, or he would hop in when he knew what was going on. It reminded me a lot of how it was when I couldn't speak as well and felt completely out of the loop. My Spanish isn't perfect at all, but I know I've been blessed a ton so that people can for the most part understand me. 
We had one lesson where the investigator got pooped on by a bird. 
We also did a lot of talking about the virgin for some reason. It seemed like every single contact we did would go off about how we don't believe in the virgin and how they could never join a church that didn't. So we would go through the same old explanation about how we do believe in the virgin and that she was the mother of Christ and was a virgin, but we don't pray to her or worship her alongside God or Christ. Then we would share a scripture in the Bible about it. The funny thing is that a lot of times when we explain things using the Bible and we think it's clear, they do not and simply say, "I do not believe that."  A big lesson that I sometimes forget about is that we as missionaries do not convert anyone. It is the spirit and the influence of God that converts them and if they do not feel that spirit testifying of what is true nothing will come out of what we are saying.
Also Elder Hokanson and I ate some pig skin this week that they had fried or something.   It was pretty crunchy. Elder Hokanson said he almost hurled.
I hope everybody is doing well! I WANT TO HEAR FROM REBEKAH! I haven't heard from her in a long time and I want your email address Rebekah so I can write you and send stuff.
I found some Pan Felipe for Fil 
The Dominguez family

The Arroyos branch

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