Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Companion - Elder Lewis

Dear Family,

This week was a crazy one.  I got a new companion, Elder Lewis, from Rigby, Idaho. He will be going home on April 25, so I will be his companion until then. I have learned a lot from him already and it`s a huge blessing to be the companion of someone who has been here for almost 2 years. So Elder Hatch said goodbye to everyone on Tuesday.  On Wednesday I got Elder Lewis and we took a taxi all the way back to Arroyos (3 hrs).  We got in the house and he put down his luggage and found the phone of his old companion in his pocket. So we hopped on a collectivo going to Asuncion and gave the phone to the office and then we asked directions from a guy to get to Caucupe and he gave us bad directions... so we ended up in the South Mission in Nemby (pronounced nymbuh). Maybe Brother Goerring's been there - its like 45 min outside of Asuncion or so.  We went back to Asuncion and spent the night there and then very humbly and with our tails between our legs left the next morning and got home at around 3 in the afternoon because of traffic. We didn't have time to do much teaching this week because I took Elder Lewis around to all the members houses and showed him the area. We did have a few inactive member lessons and they came to church after about 6 months of inactivity - and that was two different families!!!
 (Mom asked Elder Neifert what he generally does on his Preparation days)
What I do on p - days:
( since we are pretty much isolated and live on a truck stop, here are things I do)
1. I am carving a billy club
2. I write letters to you guys
3. We buy food
4. Elder Hatch was teaching me the piano
5. Sometimes we go to Caucupe and play soccer, but the trip takes about half the p-day
6. I sometimes wash my shirts or garments if needed (the washing lady doesn't get out stains very well).
7. We burn the trash in the backyard.
Its different every p-day, but those are usually the things I do.
It was kind of a slow week, but it will get better because we wont be on buses for 2 days. 

(He mentions sending more pictures, but forgot to attach them. Will update the blog when they are sent.) One is an avocado heart that this member gave me, another is Elder Phippen and I (we came to Paraguay together and he is going out to Conception), the others are Elder Hatch and I with our traditional native old guy shirts.
I want to send you guys a package, but the dollar has been down the last month or two and I'm waiting to exchange my money when the rate levels out or else I will lose a lot.
It sounds like a ton of changes are going on at home! I hope you guys are all doing well!
Elder Neifert

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