Thursday, September 5, 2013

Elder Hatfield

There are a lot of things that happened this week.  I got a new companion straight from Saint George, Utah.  It has been super funny to see his reaction to Paraguay and the Guarani.

 Elder Neifert with the Mission President, his new companion, and the Elder who trained him:

So with my new companion, it looks like I will be in Concepcion for a while... probably 2 changes more (3 months), MOST EXCELLENT!

His name is Elder Hatfield, and is 18 and right out of high school, which is cool.  He caught me up with whats going on in the world, and I am happy I am out here than back there.  

The whole week we have been just running into all the right people!  Just about every contact is someone who wants to listen!  We had a super awesome lesson with a couple named Guillermo and Diana.  They had a lot of questions about the church and eternal marriage!  We found out that Guillermo´s mom died recently and they had an adopted baby girl.  They both felt like they were in need of some answers and so when we got to their house, they had a lot of questions!  We taught about the Restoration, and the power and authority that God restored so that families can be together forever.  They had a lot of questions about that and they asked me specifically "If [they] were sealed together in the temple, could [they] be sealed to their adopted daughter?"   When they asked me that one, I got hit with a humongous wave of understanding and love for the Lord's plan for families.  I testified that they could be sealed with their daughter and that they would be her parents and she would be there daughter even after death.  I almost lost it.  

They said they would read the Restoration folleto (pamphlet) and the intro to The Book of Mormon and then pray about it.  I am extremely excited to see them again on Wednesday.  

The only problem I see with them in the future is that the wife works every Sunday as a decorator.  I think she will change though.

Yesterday, at church, Ricardo - the golden investigator - bore his testimony in sacrament mtg!  His testimony was extremely strong and he felt the spirit super strong as he testified of his Heavenly Father and Christ.  He finished it off with his testimony of how God the Father will never fail us in our times of need and that as he has learned about the nature of God, he has learned how to become a better father to his children. He hopefully will be baptized this following saturday - after he kicks his smoking addiction.

I am amazed at how much the Lord has blessed Elder Hatfield and I in the past week!  

I love you guys and I am extremely grateful that we are sealed together as a family.  There is no other type of reassuring force in the world as powerful as the sealing power found in the true church of Christ.  No matter where all of our family members are, as long as we are faithful to our covenants, nothing can separate us.

Elder Neifert

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