Monday, September 9, 2013

Service, Super Juice, and Guarani

I will have to brain storm some ideas for a name this week.  Right now all I got is toe hammer.  (Elder Neifert's parents got a new car and asked for name ideas)

You should send me a picture, please!  That will be sweet for many things, I think.  

This week Elder Hatfield and I worked pretty hard.  We found some cool people.  Guillermo and Diana weren't home and we tried calling, so I assume they heard something about the church that was bad, or they just didn't nurture the seed that they were given.  We will try one more time.

Ricardo and his whole family came to church yesterday!  And tonight we will be going over for a FHE activity.  It is going to be awesome.  He right now hasn't smoked for three days and I call him every morning to remind him not to smoke.  If he makes it, he will be baptized this Saturday!  

I got pooped on by a bird this week.  

It is tough to believe that I have been out for a year.  I dont know how I feel about it.  It is really fun to be in lessons with Elder Hatfield.  Even though he is just learning spanish, his testimony is a super powerful force when we teach.  I am super happy to have him as a companion.  

We did a lot of service this week as well.  We helped a guy move.  He lived on the top of a store in an apartment.  We threw everthing he had off of his balcony including his fridge, his closets and his bed.  It was pretty funny.  He hired 3 horse cart guys so we loaded the horse carts with his stuff and that was that.  It took like an hour.

I have found out how much I do know and even more how much I dont know being with my new companion.  It is definitley a great opportunity to learn and see my strengths and weaknesses.  
My Guarani is getting a little better.  I think I can now understand 15% hahahaha,  it is super tough. They have 10 vowels and  5 are using the nasal cavity.  Its coming though.  People love you, even if you can only speak a few things.

Elder Hatfield and I also made superjuice.  It is a juice made of tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, oranges, limes, carrots, onions, and whatever else can be blended in the house.  It was good. 

That is about it from this week!  I am stoked about the new "toe hammer" (car),  may she treat you well!


Elder Neifert

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