Monday, September 30, 2013

Valdez Family Baptism!!!

Dear Neifert Family,
The rest of the Valdez Family got baptized! Ricardo, having just received the Aaronic Priesthood, baptized his wife and daughters! And there was no doubt that they got under! We talked and practiced before, but his wife, who doesn't know how to swim and forgot to plug her nose, fought him. Ricardo, knowing beforehand she must be completely submersed, fought harder and I saw a look that I have only seen once - in the eyes of a determined rooster. Afterward I gave the misioneras (ward missionaries?) the job of a video presentation while the Valdez family changed. We watched a video where a crocodile eats a water buffalo. There were about 3 investigators at the baptism... and I just prayed they would not be freaked out.  It was an awesome baptism and a good learning experience for Elder Hatfield and me. I am super relieved though that it is done!

I also gave a talk in church the day after and I bawled like a baby, talking about families and their role in persevering to the end. I talked about that one time we went on a bike ride with the Sonnes and I sped off and got lost instead of ending up at the car. Then dad sped after me and helped me find the way back. I don't know if you remember that, but I remembered it right before my talk. I then related it to how we must consult the map (scriptures, prayer, and church attendance) to end up at the right place. Most importantly - to rescue and forgive those who stray. At that point, I lost it thinking about you guys. So I said "DANG IT" and got down.
Another funny moment that happened this week was as we were preparing Fatima and Andrea for baptism. They are both extremely shy and the only thing they would open up about was Justin Bieber. So we related baptism to the ticket to a Justin Bieber concert. How they still have to make their way to the concert even if they have a ticket. Ricardo, being the super smart lawyer who makes connections like crazy, looked up after being in deep thought and said, "No, its not Justin Bieber...... Its JESUS BIEBER!"  He is a super funny guy, and I hope one day you guys can meet him. I think he wants to come to the states and is learning English, so we will see.
I hope all is well back home! I don't think I need anything specifically... I am good on pants, shoes and shirts! I have only opened 2 long sleeves.  I think I have 3 short sleeves that I haven't opened either.

Elder Neifert

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