Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Elder Christofferson and Transfers

Well old father Neifert who has become another historical site in Concepción is moving away!

I have been in sweet Concepcion for over 7 months now and I have been called to walk another path.  I am still going to be a Zone Leader but in Cañada Gady, Luque.  Which is right next door to Yukury!  It will be cool to go back and visit old converts and stomp the old stomping grounds.  I am also training again,  so I will let you guys know how my new companion is next week.  

Elder Hatfield is staying and he is going to be an awesome missionary.  We'll be making some pumpkin cookies his mom sent as a goodbye father and son moment, and then I will take my last 7 and a half hour bus ride to Asuncion!  

Elder Christofferson was amazing!  He told jokes for about half the time he talked.  We also got to shake his hand, and guess what??  He said our last name wrong......And so I corrected him!  He said, "elder neefert."  and I said, " no, its Neifert." and he said, "It's good to meet you, Elder Neifert" and I said, "Igualmente." 

I came really close to not saying anything and letting it slide.  But I would have regreted not defending the Neifert clan, and so I did it.  I am sure old Neiferts from all ages cheered.  

He talked a lot about justice and mercy using Alma 42: 22-25.  It was sweet, because I had been studying that the week before!  There was no question that he is a true prophet of God, from the spirit and power that was felt as he talked.  He also talked about the need for a consistent study of the scriptures, which would bless our mission experience and investigators more than we thought possible.

Elder Hatfield bought a buzzer to cut hair.  So we buzzed our heads together.  

What I did not take into account was that the normal number 5 that I used at home... is not the same in the Paraguayan metric system.  So right now my head is being sunburned by the sun.  You can probably tell in the pics.  It was pretty funny because I started with a lot of excitement and then i put the buzzer up the side of my head and it turned to humility.  so we highfived it out and elder hatfield being the nice guy he is made the same mistake.

Also here are a few pics that i got from a few people and families i taught! i got sarounded by ladies in a few and being a missionary I had no place to put my hands.  

I love You guys, GO cougars, may they give their flesh to the fowls of the air and the beasts of the field, so that all may know wickedness never was happiness.  

Elder Neifert

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