Monday, November 4, 2013

Horqueta and Riding Busses

Dear Neifert Team,

This week has been great!  We had an awesome menos activo (less active) family come to church!  I have been teaching them for about 5 months and they finally came!  I took some pics and I will send them next time!   Also our investigator Francisca came to church!  I think she will be baptized in a few weeks!

I did a division in Horqueta with Elder Salazar from Ecuador, and it poured down rain all day! But we had some awesome lessons with a few of his investigators.  

I completely forgot about Halloween....But I hope you guys had a great one!

I took the bus to Asuncion last night, and in the middle of the night a lady got on the bus with her little 2 year old daughter, with about 4 hours left in the trip.  She didn't have a seat, so I gave her mine.  It was super hot on the bus and I just went in and out of dreaming while standing up.  I came super close to blowing chunks, but with a lot of prayer and deep breathing, I made it to the end!  Elder McSwain thought it was super funny.

Elder Cristofferson is coming in a few weeks!  The whole mission is starting to prepare and it will be awesome!

I hope everyone is doing well!  and that you put that buffalo chip to good use!

Love, Elder Neifert

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