Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Leaving Concepciòn

Dear Famalama,

Well I took my last long collectivo (bus) ride from Concepciòn, and I did not sleep that well because I was soaking wet.

The night we had to be at the terminal it poured a ton and I helped the sisters with their luggage, and I got soaked.

It was super sad to say goodbye to the Valdez family.  I showed up at their house Monday to do a Family Home Evening and the Dad taught about diversity and seeing others how God sees them.  At the end I told them I was going to leave the next day, and they started to cry..... I didn't think that I could ever love someone as much as my own family (you guys) but this family showed me what charity and love really are.  I bawled like a baby and so did my companion,  I bore my testimony about the Temple and the importance of family prayer and scripture study in making it there.  I was really sad.  I am still going to stay in contact with that family for the rest of my life. 

My companion is Elder Haworth from a small town near Las Vegas.  He is super funny.  The first thing he tells me is that he has an allergic reaction to metal and it makes his skin break out, while he shows me where his glasses touch his skin.  He worked for the government and knows everything to know about trucks and trains.  And anime. 

We are still just exploring (because we are white washing) around Cañada Gaday and it is pretty jungly.  Come to find out... we have 0 active members in our area!  Wooo... so the only way to go is up.  There is no way we can hurt the branch.  Our area is ginormous as well. We could walk around for about 4 hours in one direction and not get to the end of the boundaries. 

I hope all is well at home and I will send pics next time!

Love, Elder Neifert

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