Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lots of Pictures!!

Looks like you guys had a good little hikey-poo up that mountain. (His mom, dad and younger siblings went to Colorado to visit one of his older sisters. While there, they went to Pikes Peak.) I bet it was fun to see all of the wilderness and tame her with the Tahoe.
This week has been a crazy one. It rained a lot and we moved out of our area into a house with 2 other elders and so we have been doing a lot of walking as well. It takes about 40 min to walk into and 40 more min to walk out of our area every day. Elder Haworth has got some gnarly blisters on his feet and we have been living out of our suitcases waiting for the word to go back to our house in our area. We've just been exploring around our area looking for people to teach and old less actives. It is a really fun search. We often pretend like we are hunting people, because they just live in the middle of the jungle, so we stop and look for people tracks trying to decipher which way people live.
There was a crazy storm that passed through that wiped out the power and water for about a day, but it came back on.
Elder Haworth is working on the Spanish and I am doing my best to help. He has a lot of stories about stuff, and I wish I could record them to let you guys hear.
to explain a few pictures that I sent earlier...
the dog is "the devil".  He hates us.

 The horse is just a random horse.
Just about every day for lunch we would go to a place called Yasy (yaaaasoooooo) �and these ladies would give me banana cake that made me go bananas. hmhmmhmhm. I would talk to them everyday and I invited them to church about 4 times. They said for my birthday they will buy me a banana cake.
I forgot about the other pics, but if you guys have questions let me know.

We have a few families that I think might progress, and I am really hoping to baptize with Elder Haworth.
I hope all is well with the Neifert clan!
Elder Neifert

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