Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas with Fireworks

Dear Family,

It was great to talk to you all!  I AM NOT TRUNKY!  I just have noticed that I only have one more phone call left until we talk for reals.  

We celebrated Christmas with the Lovera family, and we ate pig with potatoes, and fruit salad!  I love me some fruit salad.  They cut up a ton of fruit into little tiny squares and then make some juice and mix the two.  So it is like a fruit juice with fruit in it.  

We are working a lot with the less active families in the ward and it has been a little different than what I have done in the past.  The situations these families are in, and the reasons why they left is a big barrel of angry monkeys, and it will be a miracle to see them become active again.... Good thing God is good at those. (laugh with old lady shoulder shrugs)  Ask Aaron to show you what it is.

I don't know if you remember my letter last year, but Christmas in Paraguay is different.  Everyone drinks and lights off fireworks.  Its like the 4th of July.  I didn't sleep due to the neighbors and neither did my companion.  Plus the fact that we don't have A/C didn't help either.  I don't use anything to cover me while I sleep.  The fan is right by my face all night.  Its as hot as satan's womb.  The A/C will be coming this week though I think.

We painted a neighbors house this morning and come to find out her mom and sister are members! She wasn't too excited to talk to us though, for some reason, but we will see how the cookie crumbles.
We are still working hard looking for those people ready to accept the gospel who are willing to make and keep commitments.  

Some people you can pray for, if you want, are the 

Aquino Family, Pereira Family, and the Rojas Family.

Thanks for all being there for the Skype call!  I Found Elder Boyer and we reminisced about his and my grandparents being buds.  It was funny.  

I hope all is well at home!  

Elder Neifert

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