Monday, February 3, 2014

Birthday Service

(Elder Neifert's sister asked that he do an act of kindness and tell her about it for her birthday) My act of kindness for your birthday:  I helped a lady carry her groceries to her house far away.  She had about 20 bags and had jumped off the bus about football field length from her house.  She was standing there not wanting anyone to rob her but still having to get her groceries to her house.  I don't think she planned it out before she bought all the groceries.  So I said, "Hey, would you like some help with your groceries" and she smiled and said, "Yes, I do" and so we hauled them up to her house and taught her the restoration.  She said she would read The Book of Mormon. So we will see.  

It made me feel good to know that god prepares people to hear the gospel.  Recognizing and taking advantage of the opportunity felt good.  She now knows that God has a plan for her, and that even though she has got a lot of worries about life, she can find hope, peace, and security from keeping the commandments.

Thats my experience... happy birthday. 

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