Monday, February 10, 2014

Saving a Cow

La familia,
Hey did I tell you guys we saved a cow?  The other day we found a cow on its back in a sewage ditch.  It's head was below water and its counterpart was mooing distress calls.  So we grabbed the rope tied around his horns and pulled his fat head out of the water  and then we helped him flop around and escape!  I don't remember if I wrote you guys about that.
Well this week was a good one, we found some people who are willing to keep commitments and who are reading The Book of Mormon.  I have been getting into a lot of Bible bashes lately which  the more and more i do, it becomes more and more pointless.
Hermana Rojas came to church for about the 4th time in a row and she is pregnant.  The dad is still giving us excuses that its hot and he doesn't want anyone to rob him while he is gone. Also that he doesn't want to wake up early.  So we talked about another guy who had to do some things he didn't want to (Jesus Christ) who asked to get out of it, but did it anyway because it was what his Father wanted.  It made him think a little, I am pretty sure.
We got changes this morning and I am training again! number 3!  And staying in Cañada Garay!  It has been a tough area so far, but we are going to work hard to have success.  
Thanks again for helping with the applications and prayers.  I need em!  

I hope all is well at home! 
Love, Elder Neifert 

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