Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear Family,
Friday is actually my P-day. It was just different the first week. In my district I think there are 5 of us going to Paraguay, 2 to the Dominican Republic, and 3 going to New Jersey. All speaking Spanish.

In answer to your question, "Are they all seriously workers or are some still growing up?", I think they all know how to work but there comes a point after 5 hours of study that everyone doesn't look grown up anymore. They are good missionaries and I believe we are all working to be the best missionaries possible. Yesterday after studying for a really long time we took a break and had a chair race around the building... and also a caterpillar lap where we all get in a chair with wheels and only the front person is allowed to use his feet to pull forward and the rest of us have to hold onto the chair in front of us and pull and push . It looks awesome.

At the MTC [Missionary Training Center] they have some amazing devotionals and videos of talks... I honestly don't think we could see them anywhere other than the MTC . Elder Evans of the 70 and his wife came for the devotional this week and it was definitely the highlight of the week. I also saw a really good talk by Elder Bednar. We got our fake investigator Jorge to commit to baptism! I don't know how we did it because when Elder Pack talked - I had no clue what he was saying and I am guessing it was the same for him about me, but I asked him and he said yes.

The food here looks great! it is just that you feel weird afterwards. The vegetables are really good; it's the main courses that are funky. is the best way to get letters to me because I get them next day! I can only email once a week so it will take a while for me to respond. The investigators are all either actors or teachers from the MTC. I will send some pictures next week because I forgot my camera today.

I love you guys!

Elder Neifert

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