Friday, August 31, 2012

Dear Family,

Sorry about the short letters, I will try and beef them up.

I had an awesome week that went by really fast! I don't feel like I have been hear for 4 weeks already! Alex Haywood wrote and said he was coming on the 5th and I am really excited! I haven't met many people I already know. I met sister Goerring's sister I think. She is going to Italy! My district changed a lot this week - 2 of the Elders left for the Dominican Republic on Wednesday so now my district has 8 Elders.

We finally got teachers that will be around for the rest of the time I am in the MTC! So far I've had 14 teachers, because school is starting up so a lot of the teachers left. So we had substitutes up till this week. Hermana Runyon is one of my teachers and she served her mission in the northern part of Argentina. She said that just about every day she could look across the river and see Paraguay! Most of the Paguayans she met were maids who crossed the river to work in Argentina. She said it looked beautiful so I'm really excited to work down there. One of the substitutes (Hermano Black's) brother just got back from Paraguay and his advice was to try and teach the people as simply as possible and try to use a lot of object lessons because the education in Paraguay is sucky. Many people can't read.

I have gotten used to the food and meal times. I have the same meal times as Scott had. Breakfast at 7; lunch at 11:30; and dinner at 4:30. My roommates are loaded with candy, cinnamon roles, and chips. They are from Utah and their parents drop off stuff for our whole district every other day so I'm okay after dinner.

Something awesome about the MTC is that in the dorms they have holes behind these metal plates that I believe are there in case they want to install a socket, but they are used for hiding stuff in. Missionaries who leave for the field hide treasures in these holes or in the ceiling panels or air vents and they are called Narnia holes. I have found a vent full of 20 bags of chips, a sticky hand, a shield made out of a desk top, Nerf guns, 4000 stickers, etc.

I have heard of some weird stuff people hide too like and Easter eggs full of toenail clippings or a bag of lint. There are some awesome relics too - like in a ceiling panel I found a bunch of signatures of missionaries from the 90's.

Elder Pack and I are getting a lot better at teaching people in Spanish. We have two new investigators: Angel (which is a guy!) and Gabby. We taught both the first lesson and it went really well.

I hope everybody is doing good!

Elder Neifert

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