Thursday, July 3, 2014

22 and Great Experiences

Dear Family, I had an okay week this week! We are getting really into helping members do their visiting and home teaching! We took up all of priesthood and relief society class time to teach them how to have successful lesson when visiting. We even did a role practice of meet and greet and commitments. It was fun and we will see the results this coming week. I am still chugging along, we are teaching a couple right now that are wanting to get out of drug problems and start a new life. IT has been amazing to see there sincerity to repent as they have been going to church regularly and reading and praying. I hope i will be here to see them baptized, but it will take a little time i think to set up their foundation for a new style of life. Marriage is one of those building blocks. I GOT THE PACKAGE!! You guys know me too well! Thanks for the birth memories and poems. I AM 22 baaaahhh! That's okay though. I met a Peruvian missionary today who is 26. We had a great experience this week with a lot of investigators. Mercedes is trying hard to get her family to accept the gospel and her sister said she wants to go to church to see how it is! The Torres family (recently reactivated) invited their neighbor to church too!. We have an investigator named Domingo (Sunday) who has been doing great. He is a little afraid about committing to baptism. He is about 23 and has a lot of friends who aren't the best influences, but he is working hard to get a stronger testimony to make that commitment. We are focusing hard on the power of The Book of Mormon, and the many truths we can know through its veracity. (I don't know if that's the right word.) I will keep working, fear not! These assorted nut bars and granola goods will get me too the end! I love you guys, Stay safe on your journeys and whatnot! Love, Elder Neifert

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