Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Matilda, Lehi's Dream, and the Judge

Dear Family,

We are working hard still! 

This week we did a ton of service cutting down a tree with Matilda (my machete) and building a house.  I am starting to say goodbye to people who I have taught and it is tough.  

We are still working with some of the same families, but we did find a judge who said she would like to be baptized with her whole family.  We will be visiting them a lot this week!  She said she had two other families who also would be interested in hearing us!

I did a division back in Cañada with Elder Barrillas from Guatamala!  We had some crazy stuff happen.  We found like 3 families that hadn't been to church in years who seemed to have been just waiting for the invitation to come back.  We did a great family home evening as talking about the tree of life and Lehi's dream.  It made me think a little more about what the fruit really symbolizes and how Lehi felt as he partook of it.  The fruit represents the Love of God; but how has God shown his love?  Through sending His son to atone for the world.  So in the end, the fruit really is the atonement of Christ.  And when Lehi partakes of it, he explains that he was filled.  Which made me think a lot about what that could connect with, and I thought about the sacrament.  The sacrament also fills us even though it really is only a piece of bread and small cup of water.  His love can fill us to the point where there isn't any space or desire for evil or temptation... and we change.  It is something that people think takes a long time to obtain (change/real growth), but really it takes as long as it does for you to say, "I want to change" and mean it.  

I am freaking out a little to think that I will see you all in a week and a half.  :)  but I will forget about you guys until next Wednesday

I love you guys!

Elder Neifert

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