Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Inspired contacting, a song, and boxing moves

HELLO FAMILY, I am sorry I didn't write yesterday, I was in Asuncion for a concilio (zone leader council of the round table). IT LASTED 6 HOURS! There are a lot of things that will be happening in the following year that we discussed, one of those things is an open house/chapel program that seems promising. A really good friend of mine in the mission, Elder Gunther, wrote the mission hymn that was presented at the concilio as well. Guess who sang that bad boy... yours truly and my mountain man companion. It is a really great hymn and I will get a copy to show you all later. I am becoming aware of how little time I have left. That doesn't mean that I am trunky. It means I am thinking about how to budget my time and stuff. I want to try and go to Concepcion (8 hours away) to see the Valdez family who are going to the temple in September. We will see what happens. I think I will be begging president tomorrow at the zone capacitation. This week was a great one. A great experience we had was while we were contacting. We had just been rejected at a house and usually what we do is we jump a few houses to do the next contact, (because usually the neighbors all see us when we clap and hide... so we go to a house that hasn't seen us coming yet). But I felt impressed to just talk to the next door neighbor, so we clapped it. She cracked open the door a little and yelled out the usual "que dicen" (what are you doing here). And we told her our purpose and she stood there a few seconds thinking and then let us in. When we sat down and talked a little while she confessed something. She said "I really wasn't going to let you in, I was going to say that I was busy or that I was on my way out, but a voice told me to let you in. Something told me too." I was a little startled and so was my comp. We taught her about the power of the Saviors love and how he often times will call out to us to come to him. She said she would read and pray about the restoration pamphlet we left and we will be going back today to follow up. It is always good to know that we are not alone in this work. I did a division with an Elder Rada this week in Isla Valle. He is a Bolivian who is a convert. He is a boxer and showed me a wicked scar where he got stabbed. We worked really hard in his area and he showed me some of his boxing moves which I don't know if I will ever use. I am doubting whether I will be able to bring you back a sword, Aaron. Sorry. I got a letter today telling me not to or I might go to jail. Sorry. I hope everyone is doing good and I am happy to hear you guys got home safe! Have fun in DC mom! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Go drink a Slurpee for you and me! Love, Elder Neifert

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