Sunday, July 28, 2013

20 second interview

I found some people this week from MIAMI! It was crazy!  They didn't want to talk to us about missionary work, but it was fun hearing about the United States!  

Elder Smith and I are staying together here in Concepcion, which is good.  I am happy to stay here, I think.  

Today we played soccer.  Americans vs. Latins.  I think we all know who won that one.  

We had interviews with president yesterday and my interview lasted like 20 seconds.  He just asked me, "How are you doing?" I said, "I'm doing fine."  And he said "Well that's good then - we don't have much to talk about." ....and that was it.  

I like him a lot.  He seems like a cowboy.  His family is really funny, too.  His youngest son just stood at the door of his dad's office and said to every missionary going in, "GOOD LUCK." 

We haven't had too much progression with Gilda, the widow with 6 kids. But I think we are going to have a breakthrough this week.  She isn't keeping commitments yet, but she invites us over all the time. 

I have decided to focus more on the family this week rather than her personal faith or spirituality.  Because she's trying to raise 6 kids and I am sure she has noticed how difficult it is in a world that is getting dirtier and dirtier, so we'll be focusing more on the role of the gospel in preserving and protecting families from the evils of the world and satan.  

We found out that the reason that she stopped going to church and won't go to church is due to the death of her brother a while ago.   I think we will be helping her to see that God is a loving father, who suffered more than we can ever imagine as he sent his only son into the world knowing that he would suffer the pains and sins of all.

That family I think is the most special family I have met here so far and I really hope she begins to progress or I think we will have to drop her.  

That is awesome you found somebody to serve!  There are no such things as coincidences.

There was guy in a movie I saw here who had the calling of assistant ward mission leader.  He took his call and he prayed, fasted , and did all he could to receive inspiration and revelation to magnify it.  The guy got 50 baptisms in 2 years.

BOX? WHAT? I am in no need of a box, I would rather you keep the mulah and help me bring things home for you guys.  DON'T SEND IT, PLEASE! I am doing just fine.

Keep on keepin' on, good fam. 

Love, Elder Neifert

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