Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mordor and the Shire

Hello family,

Well, changes are coming up today and I have a feeling both Elder Smith and I are being changed.  but we will see...

That's awesome you saw Aunt Cindy, Mom!  How long did you guys study the constitution? 

This week was an okay one.  The person we were about to baptize this Saturday left to stay with her mom in the Chaco.   The rest of our investigators are not doing their part, so we will be starting all over investigator wise again.  

We helped the brick makers again for exercise this morning, this time unloading their oven and stacking a lot.  I finally got man hands again from stacking bricks.  Shaking hands with people all day doesn't give you very many callouses.   We also played some football this morning, splitting up teams: Mordor and the Shire (good vs. evil).  It was pretty funny to see how many quotes we could come up with.  

This week went by kind of fast and Elder Smith and I are sort of running out of ideas.  We've worked really hard in this area, but I guess we have been planters instead of the harvesters this time.  

Here is a pic that my comp got while I was eating some pepas.  I love pepas.  

I will have to write you guys next week and let you know what happens with the change.  

This week I have been working a lot harder on my Spanish.  I guess I am fluent in that I can understand just about everything, but when I speak it is definitely not perfect and it's a little difficult when the people don't speak Spanish well half the time either.  
I love you guys and I hope the week is full of spiritual experiences and good things.

Elder Neifert

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