Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Finished Jesus The Christ

It has gotten warmer!

Indexing!  That is awesome!  I don't know anything about it, but it sounds like something good! Good Luck!

That is so weird thinking about missionaries visiting you guys while I am out here, I wonder what they do all day?  I am sure its at least a little different than what we do every day.

Spiritual experience of the week:

 I finished JESUS THE CHRIST on Tuesday!  That book is incredible and has really helped me taste a little bit of how deep the gospel goes. So many of the things Christ did during his life show how merciful and loving our heavenly father really is.  I loved the quote from Elder Packer that the spirit/reason/love behind all of his parables and actions is shown when the Jewish priests bring the adulterous woman before him.  She was obviously guilty, but forgives her and tells her to, "Go, and sin no more."  That made a big impression on me and how I truly do not know how much love and compassion our Father in Heaven has for us.  It helped me remember that WE in reality are his investigators, and he tries without tire, very patiently to lead us to greener pastures and greater heights.

We are working pretty hard on just finding all of the less actives now.  We've worked our area hard and  through every page in the area book.  We had to drop a few investigators this week including Gilda.  We showed up with a member and she was drinking some beer in front of her kids and didn't want to stay for us to teach her.  So we taught some of her friends there that were drinking and dropped some of the "biggest cane" I've ever dropped.  Meaning that we told them straight without mercy.  That was a sad lesson and I guess we will just give Gilda some time and probably pass her off for the hermanas (sisters) to teach her in a few weeks.

Paraguay is a funny place.  The people here have a really good sense of humor.  Whats really really funny is that many Paraguayans truly believe that Americans are after their Agua Dulce (spring water), and that missionaries are spies of the government.  

Anyway, don't send a package.  I am doing good in the hood.

Love, Elder Neifert

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