Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's a ...Brick... House

Well well well,
Somebody's got to pay the piper. (Elder Neifert's dad was working while his family was out of town) Stay strong, my good man.
Its a lonely thing to be a hermit.
I have been looking for sloths and other wildlife, and the coolest things I have seen are flocks of parrots. I saw a flock of about 100! I have got to catch one of those babies one p-day. No sloths todavia (still). (Elder Neifert's family went to the zoo and the sloths reminded them of him. He does a great Sid the Sloth impersonation (from Ice Age.)
We got to meet the new President - President McMullen and his family this week in Santani. They are a pretty cool family. He told us how he got called. First he got called one day at work by the secretary of Elder Anderson and she asked him to come to his office with his wife. So he went and Elder Anderson was super nice and just asked him about his family and very specifically asked about each one of his children and his financial situation, then he said that he would call them back if the first presidency needed them. So they got called back and talked with Elder Uchtdorf and got called as mission president. Then he got set apart by Elder Packer! Talk about a spiritual high!
This week we did some awesome service for the Dominguez family. They live way down by the river in a pretty poor area and they make bricks for a living. The dad is jacked (strong), they make bricks like the Egyptians. Just about every day he makes 1,500 bricks! Solo (alone). They bring the material from up the river and put it in the grinder thing that they mix with dirt and water. Then they hook up the horse to turn the grinder and mix the clay/dirt and it pops out the bottom. The clay is crappy clay mixed with rocks and dirt to make more bricks. So the bricks in the end are pretty crappy.
Here are some pictures:

We ve got some more baptisms coming up, I think, in the coming week. We will see, though, because the girl who is going to be baptized might head out to the chaco for a couple weeks.
Hang in there dad!

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